Harris' Sparrow (Zonotrichia querula)
Status in the Checklist Area - (10) - Accidental

Our largest sparrow, just a tad larger than Fox Sparrows. Related to White-crowned, White-throated and Golden-crowned Sparrows. Most records in our area are of juveniles. Nests on the ground in stunted coniferous forest in the tundra of the Northwest Territories and the Nunavut. Mainly migrates through the Prairie Provinces to its typical wintering grounds in the central states as far south as Texas. It has been observed and studied that the amount of black on the throat and heads determines dominance among wintering flocks of this species. First-winter birds, with little black feathering on the head and throat, are dominated by adults who display more black. Among adults, darker-feathered individuals contol feeding sites better than lighter-feathered adults.

Similar species:
Fairly distinctive in all plumages and due to its large size, not likely to be misidentified. .

Ehrlich, Dobkin and Wheye, (1988)

Noteworthy Data
15-Jan-2011 Lakemount Road, Abbotsford G. Gadsden Nonbreeding adult. Last record Feb 19, 2011.
26-Dec-2008 Mt Lehman, Abbotsford E. Klassen Remained at feeders until Feb 10, 2009.
20-Dec-2008 Chilliwack J. Friesen First winter at feeders. Only seen one day.
22-Apr-2008 Greendale G. Gadsden Possibily seen a few days before.
17-Jan-2008 Island 22 Regional Park, Chilliwack G. Gadsden Seen multiple times until February 15 2008.
3-Jan-2006 Higginson Rd. Chilliwack J. Osterhold First-winter bird at a feeder.
29-Jun-1998 Dewdney Dyke, Dewdney B. Schmor Adult in full breeding colours.
14-Feb-1998 Columbia Valley G. Gadsden Two first-winter birds. Remained until March 7, 1998
26-Nov-1993 Greendale G. Gadsden First-winter bird coming to feeders. Seen until Dec 16, 1993
1-Jan-1991 Greendale G. Gadsden First-winter bird at feeders. Remained for two weeks.
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