Stilt Sandpiper (Calidris himantopus)
Status in the Checklist Area - (2) Accidental

This large sandpiper is related to the 'peep' sandpipers such as the Western Sandpiper but, in apperance and habits, appears much like a dowitcher. Stilt Sandpipers breed in the high Arctic tundra with males incubating eggs during the day and female during the night. Migration mainly takes place to the east of the Rocky Mountains through the Prairies. Their winters are spent in South America. Currently, there is only one recent record for this species in our area since the last records from the late 1800's!

Similar species:
Stilt Sandpipers are somewhat similar to dowitchers and yellowlegs and they are often found in flocks of dowitchers. Their smaller body size, large-headed appearance and a shorter and slightly curved bill seperates them from these dowitchers. Their long legs and shorter bill also cause them to tilt down further to reach the ground than dowitchers.

Ehrlich, Dobkin and Wheye, (1988)

Noteworthy Data
August 15, 2010 Harrison Hot Springs L. Jellicoe 2010 Juvenile in the lagoon dodging swimmers. Photographed.
August 19, 1899 Sumas Lake, Abbotsford A. Brooks 1917 Two juveniles. Specimens collected. Sumas Lake was drained in the early 1900's.
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