Swamp Sparrow (Melospiza georgiana)
Status in the Checklist Area - (7) Accidental

An eastern North American sparrow, but breeds in the northeast corner of B.C. Migrates south to the southern states and into Mexico. Birds that breed in B.C. typically journey southwards to the east of the Rockies. Almost an annual migrant in the Lower Mainland. Sometimes will winter on the coast. Only seven records for the checklist area to date. Likes marshy habitats.

Similar species:
Song Sparrow and LIncoln's Sparrow are similar. Swamp Sparrow is similar in size and shape to Lincoln's Sparrow. Note Swamp Sparrow's lack of defined streaks on breast and flanks and rufous wings. Makes a kind of hard-metallic 'chip' call.

Ehrlich, Dobkin and Wheye, (1988)
Sibley, D. (2000)

Noteworthy Data
31-Oct-2012 Cheam Lake Wetlands, Popkum G. Gadsden One on Loop Trail. Photographed. First record for the park.
30-Sept-2012 Chilliwack Lake Road near Tamihi Bridge, Chilliwack G. Gadsden In among Song and Lincoln's Sparrows near small pond. Photographed.
07-Dec-2011 Lakemount Road, Abbotsford G. Gadsden, E. Klassen Possibly two. Across from gun club property. Last seen Dec 19, 2011. Photographed.
02-Nov-2010 Island 22 Regional Park, Chilliwack G. Gadsden Had a very short tail; likely in the middle of replacement.
28-Oct-2010 Thacker Regional Park, Hope G. Gadsden Calling frequently in marsh. Photographed
10-Oct-2008 Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve, Chilliwack B. and J. Clayton Seen also on Oct 11, 2008 and well photographed.
Late fall, 2002 Camp River Slough, Chilliwack D. Bastaja Field notes lost.
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