Tufted Duck (Aythya fuligula)
Status in the Checklist Area - (2) Accidental

Related to our scaups, the Tufted Duck is found in Europe and Asia and is an accidental visitor to North America. We have two records for the checklist area, all, interestingly, from the month of March. Watch for them among flocks of scaups or Ring-necked Ducks.

Similar species:
A male in breeding plumage (winter through to summer) has a fairly obvious tuft and its back is very dark when compared to male scaups. Females are more challenging to identify from female scaups. Hybrids between Tufted Ducks and scaups have been recorded which will produce an odd looking bird. A hybridized female may be unidentifiable.

Sibley, D. 2000

Noteworthy Data
March 31, 1994 Hope Slough, Chilliwack D. Knopp 1994b In the slough at the corner of Hope River and Kitchen Hall Roads.
March 21, 1971 Harrison Lake Campbell and Weber 1976 As cited in Birds of B.C.
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