Upland Sandpiper (Bartramia longicauda)
Status in the Checklist Area - (1) Accidental

A large sandpiper related to curlews. Favouring grass habitats, is often found far from water where it feeds mainly on insects but also some seeds. Migratory, breeds in the Yukon, the northeast section of B.C. and through the prariies. Spends the winter in South America all the way to Argentina. There are not many records for this species in the Lower Mainland as the majority of their migration takes place to the east of the Rockies.

Similar species:
Farily unique with long neck, large eye and and long tail.. Buff-breasted Sandpiper, while found in similar habitat, is smaller. Pectoral Sandpiper can be found in similar habitat as well but is also smaller and unlikely to be misidentified as an Upland Sandpiper.

Ehrlich, Dobkin and Wheye, (1988)

Noteworthy Data
September 10, 2014 Hope Airport M. Gotz, 2014, D. Beeke, 2014 Photograph and video documentation (see below) Last reported September 13, 2014 (D. Beeke, 2014)
Audio and Video    
~ Upland Sandpiper at Hope Airport, September 13, 2014

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