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- Fishtrap Creek
- Mill Lake
- Sumas Mountain
- Willband Creek Park

- Cheam Lake Wetlands
- Chehalis Estuary
- Columbia Valley
- East Sector Park
- Great Blue Heron ssNature Reserve
- Harrison Lake
Hillkeep Regional Park
- Island 22 Regional Park
- Sardis Pond
- Sumas Central Road
- Tuyttens Road Wetland

- Hope Airport
- Thacker Regional Park

Boston Bar
- North Bend

Map Of Region

The region is broken into four sections to better display site guides to birding locations. Pan your mouse over of of the four sections and click your mouse on the area you wish to explore in more detail. Alternatively, a list of sites is provided

Please note that conditions of each site can vary throughout the year and/or have changed after the site guide was created. It is the responsibility of the user to consider factors, including weather conditions, and to check ahead to ensure a safe visit. As always when enjoying the outdoors, dress appropriately, remain on trails at all times, allow enough time to get back home and tell someone where you are going and when you plan to return.

Visting the discussion forum is also worthwhile to get any latest news on a site.



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