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- Fishtrap Creek
- Mill Lake
- Sumas Mountain
- Willband Creek Park

- Cheam Lake Wetlands
- Chehalis Estuary
- Columbia Valley
- East Sector Park
- Great Blue Heron ssNature Reserve
- Harrison Lake
Hillkeep Regional Park
- Island 22 Regional Park
- Sardis Pond
- Sumas Central Road
- Tuyttens Road Wetland

- Hope Airport
- Thacker Regional Park

Boston Bar
- North Bend

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Boston Bar

North Bend

Situated in the Fraser Canyon and west of Boston Bar, North Bend offers numerous types of habitat as it is a climatic transition zone between coast and inland. There are fields surrounded by mixed coniferous and deciduous trees. North Bend is situated very close to the Fraser River and can act as a migratory bird route...more








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