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- Sumas Central Road
- Tuyttens Road Wetland

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Chilliwack and Harrison

Borden Creek Trail

Located in the Chilliwack River Valley, this little area is one of many that offer a nice walk with lots of potential to see lots of birds and other wildlife. While I have only recently discovered this little area, considering the great assortment of birds the Chilliwack River Valley supports, I feel the area has high potential to attract many more species than the ones I'm currently able to...more

Cheam Lake Wetlands

Cheam Lake Wetlands Regional Park is a real jewel for local birders. Its varied habitat ranges from lake, marsh and forest. Many bird species are attracted here and with the close proximity to Chilliwack, well maintained trails and the park's dedication to nature makes the park popular for birding. The 184 species recorded using this park to the spring of 2007 also helps...more

Cheam Ridge Trail

This site is extremely popular for hiking and nature viewing. Wildflowers are spectacular in July and plenty of butterflies are also seen. Mammals are also abundant with black bears common, especially later in the summer when the blueberries are ripe. A lucky observer may see Mountain Goats on Lady Peak. Hoary Marmots, Cascades Golden-mantled Ground Squirrels...more

Chehalis Estuary

The Chehalis Estuary is a unique area formed where the Chehalis River flows into the Harrison River. During late fall, winter and early spring, when water levels are normally low, a vast expanse of grasslands, gravel and sand bars are exposed, extending south, almost to the Harrison Bridge on highway #7 and west to Morris Valley Road. As snow packs melt'...more

Columbia Valley

Columbia Valley is a small and picturesque community south of Chilliwack against the US border. This valley is the northern most section of a valley that extends into Washington State. The landform may act as a natural funnel for migrating birds coming up from the south. Sumas Praire, 600 feet lower in elevation, is located to the north seperated by Vedder Mountain...more


East Sector Park

The East Sector Park is a new regional park, close to the Harrison Lagoon hotspot, and also appears to have tremendous potential to be a great birding site. Limited data to date has already tallied an impressive 83 species and, with the varied habitats that this site offers, a great many more are surely yet to be discovered...more


Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve

Drive through picturesque farmland surrounded by majestic mountains to the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve located at the south end of Sumas Prairie Road. The Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve, formerly the Wet Bridging Area for the Department of National Defence, is now a protected reserve...more


Harrison Lake

With a strong North/South orientation, the lake is a natural migration corridor for birds. Situated at the southern end of this corridor is the Village waterfront, the most easily accessible and productive birding in the area. Spring and fall migration are peak times, but winter months yield ducks, geese, grebes...more


Hillkeep Regional Park

Hillkeep Regional Park is located at the top of Chilliwack Mountain and is easily considered a hidden gem with scenic trails, wonderful valley views and, of course, no shortage of birds. Data collected at the site is relatively slim so far, so there's still much to discover. The park's trails wind through a variety of habitats making a birding walk quite enjoyable...more


Island 22 Regional Park

Island 22 Regional Park in north Chilliwack is being increasingly recognized as a birding hotspot in the region. This site is 40 hectares in size and includes 2 km's of equestrian and walking trails, a picnic area, and a boat launch. The site is also a popular...more


Sardis Pond

Sardis Pond is a City of Chilliwack park located in Sardis in the middle of a residential area. It provides a short walk around the pond and two small playgrounds for children. It is open to fishing for children and seniors and is stocked by the local trout hatchery. This small area has always...more


Sumas Central Road

This stretch of rural road in Chilliwack has been quite productive over the years especially for gull species but there has been some other surprises as well. Sumas Central Rd., located in west Chilliwack, travels between agricultural fields of corn, broccoli and grass...more


Tuyttens Road Wetland

Most days, between 2 to 6 Great Blue Herons are usually seen on the sloughs or up in the Cottonwoods. Mallards are the most common duck, seen both on sloughs and in farm fields. Wood Duck year-round numbers have been increasing over the last few years, and off and on over the...more

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